Midnight Protocol ARG

Every Midnight since 00:00:00 of New Years Day 2022, the Day Zero community has been building complex strategies, guides, code decipher, and maps to work their way through an elaborate Mission system designed to unveil exclusive first looks and limited rewards for the most dedicated Claws within the Midnight Society.

Becoming a Pre-Variant

It all started with the launch of the Midnight Protocol, an AI bot compiled with a roster of commands which each provide a new layer of clues to uncover. Claws who gained access to the now removed Access Panel uncovered a series of security cams and programs which provided them the ability to communicate with the Midnight Protocol. Cracking the Validation code for the AI bot allowed Claws to become verified as a Pre-Variant.

Every Pre-Variant was marked and numbered to identify the order in which they completed it.

Midnight Society Claw

Claws Combat Protocol – CC.protocol

Every night the Access Panel would update, attempting to download a mysterious Accessprotocol.bat file and providing new clues of a pending CC.protocol. Once 1000 Claws had accessed the Midnight Protocol AI bot and became verified as Pre-Variants the CC.protocol launched – granting access to simulated missions within a series of Sectors. Every Claw that entered the Sector was equipped with a loadout and presented with a series of tactical choices to make to test their merit. Poor choices led to death, well-thought-out tactical decisions were rewarded with loot and Visor Cortex’ which provided access to later Sectors.


A dedicated group banded together, developed communication strategies, opened up voice comms, shared guides, and eventually, a complex code decipher that would assist them in getting through the Sectors alive and with the maximum amount of loot.

This group of dedicated Pre-Variants began to notice the Midnight Protocol AI Bot was tracking their movements, watching select active users and building profiles on them which would later appear on the Access Panel. They quickly realized that they have evolved from passive observers and into active participants in the growing narrative.

Sector 6 – INITIATED

Thousands of Pre-Variants have entered the Sectors, and countless have died in the process. The community-created guides, maps have aided in hundreds of Pre-Variants reaching Sector 6 to date, but the finale is going to require the entire ‘Day Zero’ community to complete.

For those Claws looking for something deeper, the Midnight Protocol offers a path to Variant status, but access is limited. Inclusion requires commitment, dedication, and most importantly teamwork.

Crack the code, gain verification status, study the maps, follow the guides, complete the Sectors, and prepare to join the finale with the launch of the Sector 6 finale now.