About Us

Midnight Society is a new kind of AAA game studio and publishing model over a decade in the making. We turn the tables upside down by including our Day Zero community, 120,000+ strong, and professional gamers much earlier in the development process.

Who We Are

We are a group of ambitious game industry veterans who see a future in which developers no longer create experiences in a vacuum and players share in a game’s success.

Midnight Society was founded by mega gaming star and former Call of Duty developer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, Call of Duty legend Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, game designer Quinn DelHoyo (Gears of War, Halo), and art director Darren Bacon (Destiny, Halo). This revolutionary project is backed by serial gaming and esports entrepreneur Sumit Gupta.


We strive to create the best, most rewarding gaming experiences possible while putting our audience first. We will never lose sight of you.


Gaming should be fun, and it should be for everyone. We believe this and vow to place utility over profit. There’s no reason we can’t all succeed.


Midnight Society exudes supportive professionalism with just the right amount of crazy. We will always be gamers first.

What We’re Working On

Midnight Society is focused on delivering the most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen.

Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5, our new title will be made open to a ‘Day Zero’ community and major content creators from the earliest most iterations via the Founders Pass.

In the meantime, our most dedicated Midnight Society community members have been hard at work navigating and (mostly) surviving our Midnight Protocol ARG.


Building the best competitive PVP experience is gonna take all hands on deck – so strap in and hold on for a fast-paced, high-octane, and inspiring home for your game dev talents. Midnight Society is currently hiring across all disciplines. Show us what you’ve got.


Building the Midnight Society requires a close-knit family of friends, partners, and co-developers. Thank you to the teams who have worked diligently side-by-side with us up to this point:

MidnightSociety.com Web & Creative Team

  • Trung Ha Tuan
  • Khanh Nguyen
  • Takashi Ito
  • Jose Arias
  • Gary Fung
  • Josh Cuellar
  • Tim Duijf
  • Thorsten Denk
  • Huub van Dongen
  • Mark Kirton

The entire BOOM.TV team and friends at 1518 Studios / PTW, THANK YOU!