Road Map: Founders Access and Beyond

Midnight Society road map

ICYMI, Midnight Society released the first glimpse into our game development road map for our PVP shooter, code named Project Moon. That includes Founders Access Pass announcements, the first playable snapshot, a party in L.A. and more!

Well, Pre-variants, Claws, and fans, it’s been a minute since our last update but that’s because there is SO MUCH to reveal! Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of content beginning in June. Here’s what you can look forward to:

June: Founders Announced

In June, the first 10,000 Midnight Society Founders will claim their Access Passes and reveal their unique Variant within the VisorCortex database. There, you can check out your Variant’s individual call sign and traits with levels of rarity.

The VisorCortex database will also allow you to see what other Founders unlocked and compare traits. Then, download your Variant and share it with the world!

July: Experience the First Playable Build of Project Moon

You read that right – in July, Founders can download and access SnapshotCL1000 – CLAW HIDEOUT. Simply authenticate using your Access Pass, then ride the lift to your first glimpse of our world … your own personal hideout. Grab a gun and hit the range.

EVERY SIX WEEKS: New Snapshot Build, New Variant Guide

Oh, baby, we can’t wait to show you this one. The first Snapshot triggers an ongoing six-week development cycle of fresh drops of the latest dev build. To accompany you on your journey through the first days of Project Moon, each Founder will receive a digital, high-fidelity Variant Guide. This visual field guide is your insider look into the project thus far – including concept art, progress shots, fan art, and expanding lore.

July: First Ever In-Person Founders Event in Los Angeles

Pack your bags! Now that you’ve experienced the first Snapshot, put time in at the range, and sent [CLASSIFIED] Rifle through its paces, it’s time to head to sunny Los Angeles, California for the first-ever in-person Midnight Society Founders Event.

  • Meet the Dev Team including Dr Disrespect, Robert Bowling, and Quinn DelHoyo!
  • Hang with your fellow Variants!
  • Play the first playable Snapshot build live!
  • Join our Developer Roundtable to provide valuable feedback on the Snapshot!
  • Grab FREE, Founder-Exclusive merch and gear!

Keep it right here and on our official Twitter as more information is revealed in the coming weeks. Buckle Up!