Operation DEADROP: Zero to Hero Tournament

Variants, Claws…

Time to show us what you’ve got.

Drop in and flex your skills in our second-ever official DEADROP tournament, Operation DEADROP: Zero to Hero! We’ve entered the Tower, and now it’s time to take Sector 3 by storm in the latest Snapshot build of our upcoming Vertical Extraction Shooter. Load in with pistols only, fight your way to the top, and/or secure The Deadrop.

Date: Saturday, May 27
Time: 12pm PT/3pm ET
Location: Midnight Society Discord, Operation DEADROP Voice Channel (the role required to join can be grabbed from the #tournament-role-and-info channel under Deadrop section)


  • DEADROP Sector 3 (Solos)
  • Enter with 1 pistol (no attachments) + maximum 1 stack of pistol ammo
  • Goal is to see what you have upon extract (consideration on items extracted, damage done/taken, kills)
  • Streaming during the event (Twitch or Youtube) is mandatory

To Win:

Your top Zero to Hero extraction will be counted. Please submit your clips on Discord in #zerotohero-submissions. Only submit your top 2, but mark your #1 extraction.


1st place – $250 + Mystery Merch
2nd place – $100
3rd place – $50
Mystery Bounties x 4 – $100 total ($25 each)

Join the madness and sign up at https://boom.tv/zerotohero!