Operation DEADROP: Capture the Dev Tournament

Bloodlust. Stolen loot. Sniper kills. Betrayal at the Super Lift extraction point. If you’ve played at Friday Night DEADROP, you know how deadly sneaky and downright merciless the Midnight Society devs can be…

Now is your chance for revenge. Give them a run for their Dust and CAPTURE THE DEV!

During this Operation DEADROP tournament, you’ll have two and a half hours to capture as many dev tags as you can. And oh baby, those VisorCortexes are going to look pretty sweet in your Stash.

Load up and drop in. Details:

Date: Friday, June 23
Time: 5pm PT/8pm ET
Access Level: Founders Pass and Tower Key holders
Location: Midnight Society Discord, Operation DEADROP Voice Channel (the role required to join – more info below on how to obtain the role)
Map: DEADROP Sector 3
Snapshot: SS5.1


Capture as many Dev Tags as you can within the time limit. Side Mission: Figure out which Dev Tag corresponds to which dev. First person to find out for each dev wins $10.


  • Connect your Discord to your Midnight Society Account under midnightsociety.com/profile
  • Ensure you have the Operation DEADROP role on Discord (can be obtained if your profile is linked correctly. If not please #create-a-ticket for assistance on the Discord)
  • Devs will drop in periodically starting at 5pm PT
  • Teaming is allowed, however remember that prizes are based off a single person with the most tags acquired
  • Streaming is OPTIONAL

To Win:

All tournament-only Dev Tags acquired during the duration of the tournament are eligible to be counted. At the end of the tournament (or whenever you stop playing), please submit the following in the #dd-capture-the-dev-submissions Discord channel:

  • Your in-game name
  • a final clip of all the tournament-specific Dev Tags you collected (hover over each of them)
  • Total number of Dev Tags collected


$500 prize pool
1st: $250
2nd: $100
3rd: $50

Bounty (Updated closer to event):

Can you identify which Dev Tag belongs to which dev? First person to correctly identify each Dev Tag will win $10 (per dev identified).

Sign Up:

Join the madness and sign up at our Discord