Roadmap: L.A. Founders Event and Beyond

Midnight Society Snapshot concept art

To the Chosen:

Welcome to The Existence! You have successfully claimed your place in a brand-new era of game development. To those still waiting – hang tight and stay vigilant for future minting opportunities.

What to Expect

Midnight Society is building the next AAA competitive PvPvE first-person shooter, and we’re doing it openly and transparently, one Snapshot build at a time.

We will release Snapshots, which are playable experiences focused around specific milestones, every six weeks. Every milestone has feedback parameters around weapons, player abilities, gameplay, and play spaces within the game. Our team will be collecting feedback, prioritizing it, and applying it to upcoming Snapshots.

Access Pass holders have exclusive access to download these Snapshots. Dev Roundtables – both online and in-person – will allow us all to discuss the design of each feature, weapon, balancing, and other core gameplay loops.

Access Pass players have full rights to stream and create content from the early playable Snapshots and share screenshots, assets, live streams, or any other content they create from the build and its supporting visual Variant Guide.

The feedback and discussion we have with our Access Pass holders after each Snapshot drop helps shape the contents of the game.

Witness the Birth of Project Moon

Our first game, “Project Moon” is a vertical extraction shooter (VES).

Our high-level gameplay goals are to capture the essence of arena shooter level design with the scale and scope of battle royale player counts, and the session-to-session gameplay mechanics of extraction-based shooters.

Snapshots from the Future

Snapshots aren’t the full game, but rather vertical slices of key aspects of the game meant to focus the community’s discussion around specific features or mechanics we’re actively building. Every six weeks these Snapshots are updated with additional features, mechanics, and assets based on the discussions with the community.

The content of each Snapshot is complete enough to have actionable conversations and discussions around with the community so that we can create specific tasks and iteration goals coming out of these sessions. 

We firmly believe that communities deserve access to games currently in development, to begin playing games earlier, and offer feedback to help steer development.

The Existence Invades L.A. July 29th

We’re just a few short weeks away from the very first Founders Event! Hosted in Los Angeles, this is going to be a special moment for Midnight Society, Project Moon, and committed Founders Pass holders. 

We can’t wait to meet some of our founding members in Los Angeles and discuss the first Snapshot of the game, including the first weapon, playspace, and high-level gameplay loops that we’re building towards. We’ll be streaming live from the event to our Discord and YouTube, so be on the lookout for tune-in details.

We’re locked in on a venue. We’re locking in plans for the show. Formal invitations will begin rolling out as soon as possible but we urge you to keep a lookout for transmissions in the wild…

SnapshotCL1000 – Player Hideout

The first Snapshot represents two key elements of the game: the first weapon and the first playspace. This experience was designed to elicit feedback on topics like recoil, balance, reload, accuracy, etc.

Time to practice and showcase your skills! We’re offering three different Shooting Range experiences throughout the Player Hideout. Anywhere you see a red button, you’ll be able to activate a unique target practice, each designed to hone a unique skill with the first assault rifle. Stats on your performance are shared and stored locally, share them with the community to compete for the best accuracy, time, headshots, or scores.

Every six weeks this play space will continue to grow and expand, introducing new elements tied to key new features and mechanics from each build.

Your Variant is Only the Beginning

It has been incredible to see all of your Variants being minted and shared online. In case you need a refresher, here are all the great perks that come along with your Access Pass:

  • Unlock a unique Variant design with its own callsign, VisorCortex, and set of traits based on different rarities. Compare your stats in the VisorCortex database, found in your Profile.
  • Download Snapshots every six weeks – these vertical slices of game features are designed to explore specific features.
  • Enjoy a new Variant Guide with each Snapshot. These visual guides outline what we’ve been building and what’s on deck.
  • Exclusive Project Moon and Midnight Society merch.
  • Voting rights on game features
  • Access exclusive developer game discussion channels on our Discord.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Keep up with all things Midnight Society on our Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in the Existence!