What’s Inside Snapshot CL 1859

Deadrop Snapshot CL 1895

The first Snapshot is here! Ride the elevator to PLAYER HIDEOUT – your first glimpse into the world of DEADROP. Here you can grab your weapon and put it to the test in three firing ranges.

This build represents one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine check-ins from the Deadrop team from March 1, 2022, to July 26, 2022. The focus of this build was to establish the foundation for core player movement, weapon systems, and to introduce an environment in which to test the first weapon. In addition, Snapshot_CL 1859 marks the beginning of authentication, profile, account, dedicated server support, and code to support future Deadrop multiplayer functionality.

Variants can download the most current Snapshot from their Profile page.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

Did you know? You can submit your Dxdiag.txt and help us learn what PC specs our Variants have. This will allow us to plan requirements. Log in to your Midnight Society Profile, click on the “Project Moon Snapshots” tab, then scroll down and select “Submit your Dxdiag.txt.”

Snapshot 1859.1 Patch Notes

SNAPSHOT 1859.1 represents our first patch based on your feedback!

In this update we addressed:

  • Weapon Fix which prevented the weapon from spawning if you were too close to the wall or object when equipping it the first time.
  • A fix that prevents players from falling through the Exterior Range due to level streaming volume failing to load.
  • Partial Controller Support – Gamepads should now be usable to play all sections of the game, however Full Controller Support is still expected for the second Snapshot which will allow full game AND UI / Menu support for controllers. Currently a Mouse is still required to adjust menu settings.
  • A FOV has been added to the settings menu to allow users to adjust between 70 and 120 degrees.
  • The ability to change ADS / Sprint / Crouch settings from being “Toggle” to “HOLD” has been added to the settings menu.

Welcome to Player Hideout

The Environment

Player Hideout is a large interconnected space that will act as the pre-game lobby for players preparing to drop into the tower. The following areas have been built out:

Weapons Bench

A spawn location for the weapons in the build.

Passage A

A transition space between the weapons bench and interior range. 

Interior Range

An indoor firing range populated with wooden targets. This range contains a single-timed trial where targets can be engaged from short to medium ranged distances in a predictable pattern.

This time trial tracks several stats, including accuracy, location of hits, and how long it takes to complete the course. Stats are not currently saved, so there is no persistent leaderboard at this time. This trial is designed to test core weapon functionality.

Passage B

A transition space between the interior range and the exterior range.

Exterior Range

The highest section of the exterior is populated with wooden targets with a slight emissive texture to increase visibility in stormy conditions. This range contains a single-timed trial where targets can be engaged at medium to long ranges. These targets move at varying speeds and directions to increase the difficulty of acquiring a target. This trial is designed to test target acquisition skills such as leading a moving target and accuracy at a distance.

Lower Exterior Range

The lowest section of the exterior is populated with early Syn prototypes. These primitive android husks have been repurposed into target dummies and no longer contain their memory cores. These targets are dynamic and rise up based on the proximity of the player, triggered by pressure plates built into the ground. This trial is designed to test the reaction speed and accuracy of the player at close to medium range. 


A large overlook of the city including a view of the Refiner State during a heavy downpour and thunderstorm. 


[Classified] Rifle

The first assault rifle class weapon has yet to be named. It features two firing modes, which can be toggled at any time. An embedded ammo counter shows an accurate count of existing ammo within the magazine. The two firing modes are single shot and full-auto. This weapon is designed to be capable of all ranges of engagement distances. However, it’s restricted to iron sights which may make target acquisition at long distances more difficult. 

Player Abilities

Basic Locomotion

Walk, sprint, and crouch abilities have been added to the player character.


Mouse and Keyboard

Fully supported.


Limited Support. UI menus may not function correctly when using a gamepad. Basic player abilities are supported but may not be active. 

Accessibility Features

Toggle has been added to both sprint and Aim Down Sights (ADS) to assist players with limited motor functions.


Players can change resolution, windowed state, toggle on/off framerate counter, and adjust sensitivity and vsync settings. 


Dedicated Servers

Support for networked Player Hideouts was added but is not active in this Snapshot. It will be enabled once multiplayer functionality is added.

Phased Hideouts

The ability to host many hideouts on a single dedicated server and limiting the visibility of other players unless invited.


Using Access Passes to authenticate users and link accounts to Midnight Society profiles; to ensure security and eventually persistent saved data.

How to Provide Feedback on Snapshot_CL 1859

You’ve mastered the firing ranges and become intimately familiar with your new hideout. Now it’s time to share your thoughts! Head to your Midnight Society Profile page and select “SNAPSHOT DEBRIEF.”