Introducing the Drivers Key Packages and Game Access Pass!

Buckle up for an all-new, high-octane race to the Tower in Snapshot VII!

What could be better than a brand-new driving experience? A fuller Stash of Legendary items and shiny new vehicle cosmetics to show off in DEADROP! Introducing…the DRIVERS KEY PACKAGES!

We’re talking Legendary Vehicle Wraps, Legendary License Plates, and 5 Exotic Crates. There are four Packages—Dr Disrespect, Hotshot, DEADROP, and Midnight. Any one of these Packages would be hot, but collecting all four? That’ll get you a one-time bonus of 10 additional Exotic Crates. Buy as many as you want. We’re not gonna stop you.

Plus, you can expect fuller lobbies in Snapshot VII, because we’ve opened up the community even more with the new early access pass—the GAME ACCESS PASS. Join the Existence and get it now, so you can take advantage of the Drivers Key Packages.

These Packages are only available for a limited time, so be Legendary and go for a Midnight Ride in style…