Snapshot VII: Midnight Ride, DEADROP Creator Modes, and Drivers Key Packages

You’ve been on this ride with us for over a year, and now it’s your time to take the wheel…

Since Day Zero, we’ve asked our community to join us in openly developing DEADROP by playing every feature as we built it and providing invaluable feedback that helped shape the creation of this experience. Now we’re handing the keys over to the community, to not just listen to your feedback, but to empower you to use the same tools and gameplay modules we use to build the next best game mode. 

With the introduction of the Game Access Pass, we open the gates to a new wave of players within the Existence. Our all-new Midnight Ride driving experience is a high-octane race to the Tower. The Drivers Key Packages let you drive in style and come with all-new collectibles. With the launch of Deadrop Creative Modes (DCMs), we’re providing the creators in our community with their first set of tools to start crafting new experiences that can be published to the ever-growing Existence.

This is just the beginning of how we’re expanding and how deeply our community can be involved in the creation of DEADROP. It is a core principle of Midnight Society to empower you, not just with the impact of your voice, but with the freedom to create the future of the Existence.

Creative Mode

DEADROP is more than just our game, it belongs to the community. Now you can start experiencing many different ways to play, whether you’re into the high-risk, high-reward extraction shooter genre or want to jump behind the wheel of a high-octane Capture the Flag mode with vehicles. Build a custom experience with your own rules and balance, or join one of countless DEADROP Creator Modes (DCM).

Creating in DEADROP

This is the first step into the future of DEADROP Creative. We’re handing over the keys to the Gameplay Modules we use to build our game, exposing it all to a LUA-based scripting interface that will allow you to create original iterations, leveraging our core gameplay mechanics and environments. Create your game mode directly in-game, and soon through uploading custom scripts.

This is just the beginning…

Featured DEADROP Creator Modes  (DCM)

In Snapshot VII, we introduce DEADROP Creative Modes, our first step into a massive future for UGC within the Existence, starting with a handful of featured DCMs to enjoy, followed by countless others waiting to be discovered. Follow your favorite creators and keep a lookout for when they post their Refiner Codes or start building the next best game mode yourself inside of DEADROP right now. 

  • Free For All (Creator: KUBI)
    • Every Claw for themselves. Many will enter, but only one will survive.
  • High-Octane CTF (Creator: JOK5RR)
    • Vehicle-based Capture the Flag combat. 
  • Team Deathmatch (Creator: AMERICANDAD)
    • Two teams of Claws fight to reach the score limit first. 
  • Arsenal (Creator: OMA MONSTER)
    • Every kill rewards a new weapon. The first to kill with the final weapon, wins.
  • Infection (Creator: MAYOR)
    • Escape the rogue SYN or fall to their blade and join them.  
  • Enforcer (Creator: CARAMEL)
    • A single armored player-controlled CLEANER versus everyone else. 

Joining a DCM

There is always something new to play with DEADROPCreative. DCMs are user-generated modes and experiences that are built from the ground up using DEADROP proprietary game modules and leveraging the full power of Unreal Engine 5. 

Join one of the many featured DCMs on the front page or discover a new one by entering the Refiner Code shared by your favorite Creator.

Keep an eye out on official streams or in DEADROP Creative in-game as we discover and feature new DCMs in the future. You’ll even discover a few gameplay surprises in DCM such as the new knife melee in Mayor’s Infection mode.

Race to the Tower

Buckle up and race against opponents as you fight toward your Sector of choice within the Refiner State. This high-octane Midnight Ride will get you primed and pumped for the gun fights that happen when you enter the Tower.

Be prepared for car combat to prevent others from getting to the tower faster. Players can shoot pistols or the SMG during the Car Experience, so make sure to pack one of these in your loadout; you’ll notice the icons of these weapons have tire marks to represent this.

We have both vehicle boost and extinguish functions that recharge over time. If you notice your car health bar getting lower, use your extinguisher to prevent your car from exploding and to put out the fire. Hold (X on keyboard) if you get stuck and need a quick reset.

Choose your vehicle and choose your path. This intense ride to the Refiner State requires decisive tactical driving and a strategic balance between when to apply the gas or deliver some brass.


  • Keyboard:
    • W – Throttle
    • S – Brake/ Reverse
    • A/D – Steer
    • Spacebar – Handbrake
    • Left Shift – Brake
    • Q – Fire Extinguisher
    • E – Nitro Boost
    • F – Get Out of Vehicle
    • Mouse Wheel – Switch Weapons
    • Right Mouse – Aim Camera
    • Right Mouse – Shoot while Aiming
    • 1/2 – Switch Weapons
  • Xbox Controller:
    • Left Stick Horizontal – Steer
    • Right Trigger – Throttle / Shoot While Aiming
    • Left Trigger – Aim Camera
    • A – Handbrake
    • B – Brake
    • X – Get Out
    • Y – Switch Weapons
    • Right Bumper – Fire Extinguisher
    • Left Bumper – Nitro Boost

*Please note that players cannot get out of the vehicle during the Car Experience.

Drivers Key Packages & Game Access Pass

Everyone will have a chance to race to the Tower in their own vehicle, but if you’re looking to upgrade your ride to the Sector, then grab an exclusive limited-time Drivers Key Package of your choice: three unique DEADROP Drivers Keys Packages, as well as a Dr Disrespect’s Drivers Key Package. Each Package comes with an exclusive Legendary Vehicle Wrap and an exclusive Legendary License Plate to match your new ride. All Legendary items can be traded and swapped in the future.

Looking to build your collection, or snag a few pink slips for your friends? The Drivers Key Packages are only available for a limited time, but you can purchase as many as you’d like as long as you have an access pass. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. 

Collectors who own all four unique Vehicle Wraps unlock an additional TEN (10) Exotic Crates containing over 100 possible exclusive Exotic cosmetics for your vehicle, weapons, and character within DEADROP. Exotic collectibles are added to your Midnight Society Profile and will be available in-game in a future Snapshot.  

You need early access to DEADROP to purchase Drivers Key Packages. The Game Access Pass, which can be purchased on its own, will give you access to Snapshot VII and all future Snapshots. (If you already have a Tower Key or Founders Pass, you do not need a Game Access Pass.) 

Exotic Crates

Diversify your look with a collection of new cosmetics for gear, weapons, and vehicles. There are 100 new cosmetics being added to the Existence which are rewarded through Exotic Crates, available with every Drivers Key Package.

Opening a Crate will reward you with one of the 100 new cosmetics. You’re guaranteed to get a unique item each time until all 100 new cosmetics are collected. 

Unopened crates will be tradable to friends in the future, however, any items opened from Crates, ranging from Common-to-Exotic rarity, will not be tradable and are linked to your account.

Squad-fill Matchmaking

  • Players now have the option to fill their squad with other players who are also matchmaking with the Squad Fill option turned ON.
  • Please note that if a player is unable to fill their squad using Squad Fill, the matchmaking will time out.

Server Selection

  • Players now have the option to play in North American or European servers.

New Maps, accessible in UGC Modes

  • Canyon Arena Map — We added a brand new Arena map in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) to better suit our new DCMs.
    • The Arena Map size is determined by the number of players in the lobby.

  • Proving Ground 3 — The latest new design for a potential addition to the Refiner State is available for use in DCMs. Put it through its paces and let us know how you’d like it incorporated in the Vertical Extraction Shooter.

  • Featured Game Mode maps:
    • High-Octane CTF – Canyon
    • Enforcer – Canyon
    • Free For All – Proving Ground 2
    • Arsenal – Proving Ground 3
    • Infection – Proving Ground 3
    • TDM – Proving Ground 3
  • In UGC Creation Mode, players will have map selection with the exception of High-Octane CTF, which can only be played on Canyon. All the other modes can be played on Canyon, Proving Ground 2, and Proving Ground 3.

Art Updates

  • Fully arted chest armor and helmets.
  • Fully arted the Vendor.
  • Fully arted the front-end screens.
  • The Auto Shotgun received visual upgrades in SSVII (final art).
  • Sector 3 received lighting adjustments to improve performance.
  • Special vehicle and weapon cosmetics added exclusively for Variants

Car Customization

  • Players can customize their vehicle depending on what items they have.
  • We now have two car models, Gallus and Lonan, that can be customized with wraps, car paint, and license plates. (The Lonan car model is only available with purchase of the Dr Disrespect Drivers Key Package.)
    • Players can loot and extract with car paint during VES matches and apply them to the corresponding Vehicles in the Vehicle tab.

Character Selection

  • Players now have the option to play as Pixel and Kassius, our new characters.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Weapons
    • Range shotgun firing behavior changed from pellet spread to heavy slug.
  • Grenades
    • The frag and smoke grenade now need impact for them to be detonated.
  • Lasers
    • Green Laser nerfed from 0.6 HipFireMultiplier Reduction to 0.8 HipFireMultiplier Reduction.
    • Blue Laser nerfed from 0.3 HipFireMultiplier Reduction to 0.7 HipFireMultiplier Reduction.
  • Auto Shotgun
    • Nerfed Per Pellet damage from 10 to 5.
    • Reduced Pellet count from 10 to 8.
    • Increased Firing spread from 0.5 to 1.5.
    • Reduced fall off damage.
  • Player Movement
    • Increased movement acceleration by 25%.
  • Maglocks
    • Players can now extract out of Maglocks that other players open in Sector 2. Previously, players could only extract out of the ones they were assigned to.

Known Issues

  • Some players may not have acceleration, boost, or tire audio during the Car Experience.
  • Deathbag falls through lifts if the player is killed on it while it’s moving up.
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in ADS while using the Sniper.
  • Difficult to identify when players are getting shot while in the car with current hit SFX.
  • Attempting to get on a ladder with a Deathbag will place the Deathbag halfway up the ladder.
  • Player and player camera will clip through containers when shimmying around a corner.
  • Players can crash when plugging in a headset while in active gameplay.

SS 7.1 patch notes (Nov. 2, 2023)

REMINDER: You must re-download the latest Snapshot VII build from November 2 in order to play.

Feature Updates

  1. Due to the Drivers Key Packages granting issues on the day of the Snapshot VII release, we added a new Exotic Wrap, “Scorpion,” that has been gifted to each account.
  2. We adjusted the cooldown of the vehicle fire extinguisher from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
  3. We added updates to tune down vehicle understeer.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed an issue where the character mesh would be too far forward during the shimmying animation.
  2. Fixed the incorrect naming of the 3 Gallus Vehicle Wraps.
  3. Fixed an issue with details blending on materials.
  4. Fixed the server version of the player not leaning at times.
  5. Fixed the playerbot footsteps not playing.
  6. Fixed the AI characters forgetting their target when the targeted player leaves their view.
  7. Fixed a server crash around inventory systems.
  8. Fixed a server crash that occurred when adding players to a match that is not yet active.

SS 7.5 patch notes (Jan. 17, 2024)

Feature Updates

  1. DEADROP Creator Mode custom Luau scripts can now be authored, uploaded and matchmade into using Refiner Codes.
    1. Documentation/Setup
    2. GitHub
  2. Added a Local Testing mode, which allows custom scripted DCMs to be run and tested from your computer. You can even host other players from your Local Test Server!
  3. Added a debug interface for debugging Luau scripts in Local Testing mode. Requires Visual Studio Code and the MSLD debugger plugin
  4. Enabled VOIP for DCMs, including during Local Testing mode.
  5. Added a “Quick Play” feature, to join any DCM game currently being queued for.

Known Issues

  1. Players experience a jitter/hitch when attempting to ADS their weapon while in Test Servers.
  2. Players may spawn into DCMs and Test Servers with their weapon floating out in front of them.
    1. Player can fix this by dropping and equipping the weapon.
  3. Players may rarely experience an issue with using Adrenaline Sprays on Proving Ground 2.
  4. Players can sometimes spawn inside a container outside of Canyon (Small).
  5. Throwables often times do not go where the player intended them to be thrown.
  6. 3rd Person Death animation does not play appropriately.
  7. Fall damage and landing SFX does not play when falling from certain heights.
  8. Players may experience getting launched at high speeds when attempting to use a Zipline.
  9. Players can get stuck behind the pylons/barricades in front of the Garages after they close in the Midnight Ride.
  10. Unpublishing Custom Game Modes and Custom Scripts will delete them.
    1. They do not move back to the My Saved Games.