Snapshot VII: Midnight Ride, DEADROP Creator Modes, and Drivers Key Packages

You’ve been on this ride with us for over a year, and now it’s your time to take the wheel… Since Day Zero, we’ve asked our community to join us in openly developing DEADROP by playing every feature as we built it and providing invaluable feedback that helped shape the creation of this experience. Now […]

Introducing the Drivers Key Packages and Game Access Pass!

Buckle up for an all-new, high-octane race to the Tower in Snapshot VII! What could be better than a brand-new driving experience? A fuller Stash of Legendary items and shiny new vehicle cosmetics to show off in DEADROP! Introducing…the DRIVERS KEY PACKAGES! We’re talking Legendary Vehicle Wraps, Legendary License Plates, and 5 Exotic Crates. There […]