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DCM Summer Showdown

The DCM Summer Showdown starts now! Creators and Claws alike, this is your chance to shine! Design custom modes in DEADROP Creator Mode throughout the summer, showcase your creativity, engage with the community and developers, and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes. But that’s not all – everyone in the community can get involved […]

DEADROP 2024 Roadmap Update

In 2024, we are going behind the curtain, which means we will be doing fewer major releases (like Snapshots) and focusing on the heavy lifting required to bring DEADROP to the finish line. Here’s what that looks like: Releases Since founding the studio in 2021 and starting CODENAME: PROJECT MOON, we have released seven major […]

DCMs: Scripting in Creative Mode

Hello Creators, Ryan Petrie (aka bob42) here. I lead the core tech team here at Midnight Society, and our team has been developing the scripting system powering DEADROP Creator Modes in Snapshot VII. Today I want to introduce you to that scripting system and help you prepare to script your own game modes within DEADROP. […]

Snapshot VII: Midnight Ride, DEADROP Creator Modes, and Drivers Key Packages

You’ve been on this ride with us for over a year, and now it’s your time to take the wheel… Since Day Zero, we’ve asked our community to join us in openly developing DEADROP by playing every feature as we built it and providing invaluable feedback that helped shape the creation of this experience. Now […]

Introducing the Drivers Key Packages and Game Access Pass!

Buckle up for an all-new, high-octane race to the Tower in Snapshot VII! What could be better than a brand-new driving experience? A fuller Stash of Legendary items and shiny new vehicle cosmetics to show off in DEADROP! Introducing…the DRIVERS KEY PACKAGES! We’re talking Legendary Vehicle Wraps, Legendary License Plates, and 5 Exotic Crates. There […]

Snapshot VI: Cleaners, Squads, Vendor, and New Proving Ground

We’re back, but we’re not alone…Sector 3 continues to develop and an ominous new presence has appeared.  An interconnected series of hatches have begun appearing throughout the tower. With the increased activity in the tower since the release of Snapshot V and over 200,000 hours of conflict being waged throughout the Cold Storage, the Refiner […]