Roadmap: L.A. Founders Event and Beyond

To the Chosen: Welcome to The Existence! You have successfully claimed your place in a brand-new era of game development. To those still waiting – hang tight and stay vigilant for future minting opportunities. What to Expect Midnight Society is building the next AAA competitive PvPvE first-person shooter, and we’re doing it openly and transparently, […]

Midnight Society Summer Events!

Hey there, Claws, Variants, and fans! ICYMI, The Existence is invading not one, but TWO U.S. cities this summer. Here’s how to participate: JUNE Come to NYC on June 22nd and hang with Dr Disrespect, Robert Bowling, Sumit Gupta, Fwiz, and leaders in the web3 space as we explore the future of community-first gaming. Enjoy […]

Road Map: Founders Access and Beyond

ICYMI, Midnight Society released the first glimpse into our game development road map for our PVP shooter, code named Project Moon. That includes Founders Access Pass announcements, the first playable snapshot, a party in L.A. and more! Well, Pre-variants, Claws, and fans, it’s been a minute since our last update but that’s because there is […]

How This All Works

You enter the Midnight Society as a member of the Claws, combatants in the games produced within the society. However, there are many more ways to get involved in the Midnight Society beyond just enjoying our games. Our founding mission when forming Midnight Society was to create new ways for our community to involve themselves […]

Midnight Protocol ARG

Every Midnight since 00:00:00 of New Years Day 2022, the Day Zero community has been building complex strategies, guides, code decipher, and maps to work their way through an elaborate Mission system designed to unveil exclusive first looks and limited rewards for the most dedicated Claws within the Midnight Society. Becoming a Pre-Variant It all […]

Our New Studio Art Director

The Midnight Society continues to expand! Today, we welcome Darren Bacon to Midnight Society’s leadership team as our Studio Art Director. You’ve seen his incredible design work most recently in Halo: Infinite and Destiny, and prior to that in Electronic Art’s classic Command and Conquer. As part of our rigorous Clearance Protocol, we sat down […]