Operation DEADROP: Capture the Dev Tournament

Bloodlust. Stolen loot. Sniper kills. Betrayal at the Super Lift extraction point. If you’ve played at Friday Night DEADROP, you know how deadly sneaky and downright merciless the Midnight Society devs can be… Now is your chance for revenge. Give them a run for their Dust and CAPTURE THE DEV! During this Operation DEADROP tournament, […]

Operation DEADROP: Zero to Hero Tournament

Variants, Claws… Time to show us what you’ve got. Drop in and flex your skills in our second-ever official DEADROP tournament, Operation DEADROP: Zero to Hero! We’ve entered the Tower, and now it’s time to take Sector 3 by storm in the latest Snapshot build of our upcoming Vertical Extraction Shooter. Load in with pistols […]

Snapshot CL 7287: Brand New Weapon Class & Customization

DEADROP Snapshot CL 7287 is here! We’ve added more traversal features, more movement verbs, more attachments, more, more, more! In this fourth Snapshot, we are majorly upping the customization and communication factors, giving you more freedom and control over your gameplay experience with additions such as the Armory and Proximity Chat. Founders can download the […]

Snapshot CL 4461: Traversal Features and Movement Abilities

DEADROP Snapshot CL 4461 is here! Get ready for traversal features, more movement abilities, optics attachments, and more! In this third Snapshot, we went all in on providing more ways to get around Proving Ground (ladders and zip lines, anyone?). We also updated controls and our loot system. You’ve been asking for all these things, […]

Snapshot CL 3184: Welcome to Proving Ground!

The second DEADROP Snapshot is here! Get ready for your first taste of real combat in a brand-new PvP area called PROVING GROUND. See what’s new in the Player Hideout then prepare to battle it out in the Proving Ground for the ultimate prize – THE DEADROP. This build represents three thousand one hundred and […]

Step by Step Guide to Wallet Transfer

Step by Step guide to Transferring to Midnight Society Wallet  If you purchased a Founders Access Pass outside of Midnight Society, you must transfer it to your Midnight Society wallet in order to gain Founders benefits. Step 1: Press the <CONNECT WALLET> button to connect your external wallet. Step 2: Once your wallet is connected […]

The Midnight Society Approach to Game Development

Midnight Society was founded on a vision for making games with the gamers in mind from before day one – day zero. So what does that mean, exactly? Let’s dive into how and why we do things differently. How Games Are Currently Developed Video games are currently developed according to publisher milestones. That means that […]